st. pete

hi, hi! it’s been a while.


i haven’t visited my family in florida since like high school! so i recently took a trip with my mom to catch up with everyone. on one particular day my aunt and uncle took us around downtown st. petersburg, which ended up being so cool. we spent a few hours admiring all the commissioned graffiti and artwork and hitting up some of the great breweries in the area. my grandpa told me that a couple of years ago, downtown st. petersburg was filled with these green benches on every corner and around the lake where all the retired folk would hang out and sit around for hours. they recently removed them all to sort of help change the image of st. pete as being a young, fun place to live. i thought it was cute how one of the breweries was named after the famous benches and as a side note they had the best cider i’ve ever tasted. hope you’re having a fabulous week!




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remember in middle school when you’d spend hours cutting pictures out from magazines creating your dream life, or collaging your best friend’s birthday card. i miss those days. last friday i had zero planz, so i decided to revert back to my teenage-angsty self and rip my favorite pictures out of vogue and cosmo and sf mag. and it was still as fun as ever. note to self to make more time for things like this. scroll down to see what i was looking at online this week and happy friday!


  • aziz ansari’s new show, masters of none is awesome. i’m not kidding i’ve watched the whole season twice, that’s how much i loved it. it’s so funny and so smart! i could go on for hours. if you don’t have plans this weekend, i highly recommend you binge watch.
  • listened to this song like 10o times this week. so good.
  • spent a good amount of time obsessing over jennifer lawrence and how perfect she is.
  • i didn’t have any time to watch the GOP debate, but when the new york times posted this fact checking article, i was kind of shocked. what’s the point in watching these debates if half the things that come out of their mouths are exaggerations or lies? pretty fascinating stuff.



oh man. it’s actually time to start thinking about holiday parties.


my friend just went to one for her work last weekend and katy perry showed up (supes casual)! i won’t be attending anything like that but…. i would like to show up somewhere rocking either of these two sexy dresses. those girls look fierce and they know it.  reformation is a godsend when it comes to proper party attire.

now i just have to pinch a few pennies :)


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and just like that another week has flown by. i really love this artwork by parisian illustrator, lea maupetit. who else could make a pigeon look so fun and colorful? more stuff i was looking at online this week is below.


  • could not stop listening to this dreamy song by sales
  • i’m in love with this photographer’s colorful cityscapes, that are very wes anderson-y
  • so excited for the new movie, by the sea, written and directed by angelina jolie to come out next week. cannot wait to see it!
  • thought this piece on why millennials love bernie sanders so much was super interesting. his no bullshit approach to politics is deff working in his favor



today’s the day you could have stood in line very early (or stared into your computer screen at 5 am) to buy all the beautiful things from the h&m/balmain collaboration. people have been camping out for days and having run-ins with the police all in the name of fashion. i know exactly the dress i’d buy if my wallet was a bit bigger and i felt like sacrificing some extra sleep in the morning. instead, i decided to satisfy my craving by drawing it. i’m taking window shopping to a whole new level.


it’s so pretty. i’m not even sure where i’d wear such a dress, but i don’t even care because i’m obsessed. you can see my beautiful dress and check out the full collection here (which is basically already sold out).

happy almost friday!



it’s finally starting to feel like winter in the city! rain fell from the sky! and my favorite part about winter is the higher volume of clothing you get to wear at the same time. it is true that the more clothing i’m wearing the happier i am. i feel like i’ve been seeing some amazing winter coats out there this season, and i even found some in color that i could actually see myself wearing! and yes, i consider gray a color.

check them out here:



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yesterday i was home sick in bed all day which means i spent too much time watching tv and scrolling through instagram and reminiscing on my euro trip this summer. that picture is from precious little copenhagen. i miss wandering around and getting lost there!

other stuff i did online while on bed rest:

  • i watched a documentary that alexa chung made with vogue about the fashion industry. you have to watch it. it was so great. alexa goes behind the scenes to prove that there’s more to fashion and the industry than what meets the eye. yes on the surface it’s just clothes, but on a deeper level its emotional and artistic and a total reflection of the times we’re living in. she talks to so many amazing people from a company that handles trend predictions to balmain’s, olivier rousteing and even cooler peeps in between.
  • chance the rapper debuted a new song on stephen colbert’s show (it’s so good)
  • this new york times video on how to spend 36 hours in san francisco. despite how every feature on sf always comes back to the issues with the tech industry lately… i still love it here. :)

no type


i recently attended one of creative mornings’ seminars on typography. it was super cool to hear from two designers at dropbox and how they became typography and letterpress designers. they gave us a bunch of pens and pencils and paper and gave us time to work on designing our fonts. it is so much harder than it looks! one of the things i most appreciated was when they shared their favorite typographers and who they’re following. one was gemma o’brien, who’s a designer from australia and makes all these amazing pieces:


i love them all and am now following her on insta to see what she’s up to!



happy friday! a couple of months ago there was this one week on instagram where beyonce posted some seriously amazing outfits that show off her insane talent of color use (not that she isn’t doing this every week though). if you know me … you know that i am somewhat afraid of color. my closet is basically different shades of gray. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to totally let go of my love of black, but i definitely want to be more bold when it comes to color in my daily life. so here’s a pattern i made in honor of queen bey’s awesomeness and my first step towards overcoming my fear.


what i was doing online this week:

  • the balmain/h&m show was this week and holy cow. the pieces were so gorgeous. i spent quite a bit of time going through slideshows online
  • drake released the hotline bling video and the world went freaking nuts over his turtleneck and severely awk dance moves
  • i had this new chet faker song on repeat all week
  • i love seeing how other people live and style their homes. so this new coffee table book showcasing different artists and their living spaces is right up my alley. side note: the artist who designed the light installation for the bay bridge is also featured in the book!


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cover bands & free cupcakes


a newwwww week.

i’m starting mine off by looking back at all the photos in my phone i’ve neglected to upload. and now i’m realizing how fast this year is flying by! this weekend ended being one of the best. nothing out of the ordinary, but it consisted of me finally getting a hair cut, framing and hanging concert posters (like a real grown up) and spending time with friends i haven’t seen in a while. we spent hours on my roof laughing, talking, drinking, and admiring the fog, followed by an adventure to the mission where we rocked out to a blondie cover band and enjoyed free cupcakes. we wrapped up the day with some freaking amaze mexican food. i woke up feeling content for the first time on a sunday (as opposed to the usual anxiety that comes along with the end of a weekend). hopefully the good vibes continue throughout the week!



some of what i’ve been up to:

  • catching up with sam here
  • eating pizza with liz here
  • drinking coffee with kim here
  • checking out the farmers market at the ferry building on saturdays
  • walking around the richmond/lands end/golden gate park
  • swinging at billy goat hill park
  • making labels for radishes