Paint it Black

Who says black can’t be a spring/summer color?

I probably own too much of it but I swear you hold onto a black piece of clothing so much longer than anything else.  It never goes out of style.  Here are some spring necessities in my favorite color…


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight




Here’s someone’s shoes I wouldn’t mind taking a walk in…

Erika Bearman probably wins the award for coolest job ever.  She is the “PR girl” for Oscar de la Renta and became famous overnight for adding that personal touch to the Oscar social media handles. And while I’m sure there comes great responsibility with managing these platforms… it sure seems like she gets to play dress up all day long in the most fabulousss clothes.  Take a look at some of the photos she posts from “inside one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses” and I’d recommend following her on Instagram, too.


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Friday Mixtape

It’s music festival season and I already have a countdown for Outside Lands!

Basically if my 16 year old self could have created a dream festival it would be this year’s OSL line up (Death Cab, The Killers, Atmosphere?!)…. which is fine with me!  Here’s some tunes that I can’t wait to hear live (minus the Lana Del Rey one which is just wishful thinking).


Listen here.

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Notes on Glamp

Let me tell you a little something about glamping…

It will change your life forever.

I’ve been wanting to go to Treebones for years ever since my friend’s parents told me about it when I was in high school, and I finally booked the trip back in December. It was the most beautiful, relaxing, romantic place I’ve ever stayed with insane views of the Big Sur coastline.

Even though it was a short weekend trip, we crammed everything in…. from hiking to swimming to even driving into Cambria to taste some wine and get some din.  Everyone should experience this place… Mark and I even inquired as to how we might get jobs there so we’d never have to leave.

Here’s a few pics from the trip…



-Once you go glamp you never go camp-