the great debate

So it’s wedding season and my friend and I were having a deep, intellectual debate about the number one fashion faux pas at weddings: don’t wear white. She was sending me potential options to wear to her cousin’s wedding and I told her the white one she found was off limits. But after much discussion I started to wonder if that rule was a thing of the past.  And after some research I found some pretty cute white dresses that I might consider wearing to a wedding. What do you think… are you brave enough to wear one of these to a wedding?  Would you care if someone showed up in a white dress to yours? I don’t think I would… with the right accessories and shoes I feel like you could get away with it.


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One thought on “the great debate

  1. As much as I want to agree that the “right” white dress with really cool shoes is okay in today’s world, to wear to a wedding, it just isn’t done. Tradition should prevail, let the bride stand out amongst her guests in her white dress. It’s one day, pick a color…

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