Seattle Recap

Seattle was a relaxful dream, such a cool city!  It was a great mini vacation to spend with my mom and her friend before starting a new job this week.

We walked everywhere and I got to see everything on my list.  Of course we went and checked out the Space Needle, and explored the EMP music museum which was super cool, we obviously made the trip the OG Starbucks and got some lattes, and did lots of shopping and eating at some really great places in the city.  My favorite was Pike Place Market and looking at the incredible selection of flowers and produce.  Everyone was carrying around beautiful bouquets of Dalias and Peonies I wanted to buy some to bring back to our hotel!  We decided that Seattle has the best flowers to brighten up their days when it’s constantly raining.

Here’s some memories from the trip (links below for my favorite spots)


We were constantly asking for recommendations for places to eat and we never got a bad one, which I’m assuming means there’s no bad food in Seattle.

1. Pink Door was the coolest Italian restaurant that has different types of entertainment going on each night. When we went, there was a trapeze artist swinging from the ceiling above everyone’s tables

2. Knee High Stocking Co. was a cute prohibition style restaurant where you had to ring the doorbell to get inside.  Lots of cool cocktails and delicious food… and right across the street was……

3. Pie Bar… yes a bar that serves amazing pie. Need I say more?

4. Smith was also delicious I got a burger that did not disappoint

4. For shopping we went to Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square and looked at all the vintage/thrift shops and got my brother a Hawaiian shirt in the pictures above and bought some records from an antique store

5. Glasswing was a boutique with awesome interiors and great clothes  (you can see it in some of the pictures above as well)



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