Weekend Recap


This weekend I went on a field trip with my graphic design class to some pretty cool places in the City I didn’t even know about!  My favorite one was The Aesthetic Union – a cute little letterpress workshop and boutique. We got to meet Risa who is the woman behind Papa Llama and she makes some adorable and quirky cards on her letterpress from the 1800s (I believe).


It was an inspiration to see how a simple idea, like card making and letterpress printing, could function as a profitable business while still allowing room for 100% creativity.


Loved the way everything was styled in the front boutique area.


How cool is that letterpress? We even got to see her in action, which was awesome (it’s like a full body work out).

All in all it was a great day.  If you’re ever in the Potrero Hill/Mission area you should stop by and check this place out.

  Have a wonderful Wednesday!



One thought on “Weekend Recap

  1. How funny, I have purchased some of her cards in a little shop in Cow Hollow!!! I love the things that you do, and share… Joni

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