one week in greece


hi! i’m finally posting pictures from another part of my europe trip i took in july. what can i even say about mykonos. it was absolutely stunning. this was actually my first stop on the trip. i met kristen at a hostel in thessaloniki before we flew out to the island the next day. at 3 am in the morning after 2 days of planes, trains, and automobiles, i had never been so happy to see a friend… and a bed.  and when we finally got to mykonos the next day, i was overjoyed.


we stayed at a hilarious hostel in paraga beach. our room, which we referred to as “the hut,” was 10 cots, some lockers, a fan, and one outlet. basically one step above camping. but the very best part about it was, it had an amazing pool that overlooked the mediterranean. i have never seen a more perfect color. crystal-y turquoise-y blue.

our seven day stay consisted of staying out until the sun came up, sleeping until 1 pm, laying by the sea or the pool, and eating tzatziki, pita bread, and the freshest greek salads. we went into the town a few times, which was a short bus ride away. it was picturesque. tiny alleyways filled with shops and restaurants. we loved to get lost and then suddenly be spit out right by the water only to see the most gorgeous views of little blue and white houses speckled across the hills.


we met so many great people and kristen and i spent the week laughing and catching up. it was truly a perfect vacation.


and now…

this is me freshly awoken from my comfy cot, parched and posing in front of cavo #5 (aka “the hut”).



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