weekend’s here and i can’t wait to sleep in saturday morning! i’ve been trying this thing where i work out everyday before work. and i’ve been feeling like a zombie (i’ve never been a morning a person). but it’s been pretty awesome to have all the free time after work to get sh*t done. anyways, here’s some links to the stuff i’ve been reading and looking at this week. enjoy!

  • this exclusive interview drake did with the fader (not even embarrassed to admit i might have shed a tear)
  • this article about how technology is taking a toll on our ability to empathize (i was so moved by it, i ended up deleting snapchat from my phone. hopefully i can ease myself out of my other tech addictions now, too!)
  • this interview with hillary clinton for lena dunham’s brand new newsletter, lenny letter (love her or hate her, you gotta check it out)
  • this band my friend showed me, because she thought i’d like them (and now i am obsessed!)
  • these haunting and amazing photos by noell osvzald




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