cover bands & free cupcakes


a newwwww week.

i’m starting mine off by looking back at all the photos in my phone i’ve neglected to upload. and now i’m realizing how fast this year is flying by! this weekend ended being one of the best. nothing out of the ordinary, but it consisted of me finally getting a hair cut, framing and hanging concert posters (like a real grown up) and spending time with friends i haven’t seen in a while. we spent hours on my roof laughing, talking, drinking, and admiring the fog, followed by an adventure to the mission where we rocked out to a blondie cover band and enjoyed free cupcakes. we wrapped up the day with some freaking amaze mexican food. i woke up feeling content for the first time on a sunday (as opposed to the usual anxiety that comes along with the end of a weekend). hopefully the good vibes continue throughout the week!



some of what i’ve been up to:

  • catching up with sam here
  • eating pizza with liz here
  • drinking coffee with kim here
  • checking out the farmers market at the ferry building on saturdays
  • walking around the richmond/lands end/golden gate park
  • swinging at billy goat hill park
  • making labels for radishes


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