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yesterday i was home sick in bed all day which means i spent too much time watching tv and scrolling through instagram and reminiscing on my euro trip this summer. that picture is from precious little copenhagen. i miss wandering around and getting lost there!

other stuff i did online while on bed rest:

  • i watched a documentary that alexa chung made with vogue about the fashion industry. you have to watch it. it was so great. alexa goes behind the scenes to prove that there’s more to fashion and the industry than what meets the eye. yes on the surface it’s just clothes, but on a deeper level its emotional and artistic and a total reflection of the times we’re living in. she talks to so many amazing people from a company that handles trend predictions to balmain’s, olivier rousteing and even cooler peeps in between.
  • chance the rapper debuted a new song on stephen colbert’s show (it’s so good)
  • this new york times video on how to spend 36 hours in san francisco. despite how every feature on sf always comes back to the issues with the tech industry lately… i still love it here. :)

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