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remember in middle school when you’d spend hours cutting pictures out from magazines creating your dream life, or collaging your best friend’s birthday card. i miss those days. last friday i had zero planz, so i decided to revert back to my teenage-angsty self and rip my favorite pictures out of vogue and cosmo and sf mag. and it was still as fun as ever. note to self to make more time for things like this. scroll down to see what i was looking at online this week and happy friday!


  • aziz ansari’s new show, masters of none is awesome. i’m not kidding i’ve watched the whole season twice, that’s how much i loved it. it’s so funny and so smart! i could go on for hours. if you don’t have plans this weekend, i highly recommend you binge watch.
  • listened to this song like 10o times this week. so good.
  • spent a good amount of time obsessing over jennifer lawrence and how perfect she is.
  • i didn’t have any time to watch the GOP debate, but when the new york times posted this fact checking article, i was kind of shocked. what’s the point in watching these debates if half the things that come out of their mouths are exaggerations or lies? pretty fascinating stuff.



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