st. pete

hi, hi! it’s been a while.


i haven’t visited my family in florida since like high school! so i recently took a trip with my mom to catch up with everyone. on one particular day my aunt and uncle took us around downtown st. petersburg, which ended up being so cool. we spent a few hours admiring all the commissioned graffiti and artwork and hitting up some of the great breweries in the area. my grandpa told me that a couple of years ago, downtown st. petersburg was filled with these green benches on every corner and around the lake where all the retired folk would hang out and sit around for hours. they recently removed them all to sort of help change the image of st. pete as being a young, fun place to live. i thought it was cute how one of the breweries was named after the famous benches and as a side note they had the best cider i’ve ever tasted. hope you’re having a fabulous week!