it’s finally starting to feel like winter in the city! rain fell from the sky! and my favorite part about winter is the higher volume of clothing you get to wear at the same time. it is true that the more clothing i’m wearing the happier i am. i feel like i’ve been seeing some amazing winter coats out there this season, and i even found some in color that i could actually see myself wearing! and yes, i consider gray a color.

check them out here:




packin’ up

the amount of unnecessary sh*t that i carry around with me on a daily basis is unreal. gym clothes and toiletries, two laptops, my lunch, binders, notebooks, sweatshirts, the list goes on. it’s time to make a serious change. i’ve never felt like i could rock a backpack, but after some careful research, i think it’s time i hop on the train. now i just have to choose!backpacks-2

one / two / three / four / five