packin’ up

the amount of unnecessary sh*t that i carry around with me on a daily basis is unreal. gym clothes and toiletries, two laptops, my lunch, binders, notebooks, sweatshirts, the list goes on. it’s time to make a serious change. i’ve never felt like i could rock a backpack, but after some careful research, i think it’s time i hop on the train. now i just have to choose!backpacks-2

one / two / three / four / five



losing it

ohhhhh monday.


between work and school and life, i’ve been feeling so scattered brained. in the past 6 months i’ve managed to lose almost all my personal items including debit cards, my license, cellphone, clothing… you name it i’ve misplaced it. anyways, my friend recently showed me this collage artist, eugenia loli, and i’ve been following her work ever since. her crazy, wacky, and surreal pieces surprisingly make me feel calm about the chaos that is my life lately. i follow her on instagram so i’m always up to speed on her latest stuff. she actually used to work in tech and was also a tech journalist until she sort of fell into making these amazing collages. you can see all of her work here. hope the start of your week is going swimmingly and all your personal belongings are safe!




weekend’s here and i can’t wait to sleep in saturday morning! i’ve been trying this thing where i work out everyday before work. and i’ve been feeling like a zombie (i’ve never been a morning a person). but it’s been pretty awesome to have all the free time after work to get sh*t done. anyways, here’s some links to the stuff i’ve been reading and looking at this week. enjoy!

  • this exclusive interview drake did with the fader (not even embarrassed to admit i might have shed a tear)
  • this article about how technology is taking a toll on our ability to empathize (i was so moved by it, i ended up deleting snapchat from my phone. hopefully i can ease myself out of my other tech addictions now, too!)
  • this interview with hillary clinton for lena dunham’s brand new newsletter, lenny letter (love her or hate her, you gotta check it out)
  • this band my friend showed me, because she thought i’d like them (and now i am obsessed!)
  • these haunting and amazing photos by noell osvzald



mg mules on point


i’m about a week late in posting this, but had to share one of my favorite things that came out of nyfw this year. the creators of the world’s chicest bucket bag, mansur gavriel, debuted their new shoe line… and they are gorgeous. despite some controversy the announcement seemed to stir up, i am officially obsessed and would like one in every color. plz and thnx!



one week in greece


hi! i’m finally posting pictures from another part of my europe trip i took in july. what can i even say about mykonos. it was absolutely stunning. this was actually my first stop on the trip. i met kristen at a hostel in thessaloniki before we flew out to the island the next day. at 3 am in the morning after 2 days of planes, trains, and automobiles, i had never been so happy to see a friend… and a bed.  and when we finally got to mykonos the next day, i was overjoyed.


we stayed at a hilarious hostel in paraga beach. our room, which we referred to as “the hut,” was 10 cots, some lockers, a fan, and one outlet. basically one step above camping. but the very best part about it was, it had an amazing pool that overlooked the mediterranean. i have never seen a more perfect color. crystal-y turquoise-y blue.

our seven day stay consisted of staying out until the sun came up, sleeping until 1 pm, laying by the sea or the pool, and eating tzatziki, pita bread, and the freshest greek salads. we went into the town a few times, which was a short bus ride away. it was picturesque. tiny alleyways filled with shops and restaurants. we loved to get lost and then suddenly be spit out right by the water only to see the most gorgeous views of little blue and white houses speckled across the hills.


we met so many great people and kristen and i spent the week laughing and catching up. it was truly a perfect vacation.


and now…

this is me freshly awoken from my comfy cot, parched and posing in front of cavo #5 (aka “the hut”).


one week in berlin


even though i started my trip in greece, i have to write about berlin first because i just left and it was the hardest to say goodbye to! i was not expecting to fall in love. don’t get me wrong i was so freaking happy to visit kristen and see her life there, but i had no idea how much i’d enjoy the city. a lot of people i had met before told me it was somewhat grungy, not the usual obviously beautiful european city and that the germans aren’t the warmest. but after spending a few days there, these became all my favorite parts about it.

one week in berlin was not enough for me. i think the reason i loved it most was because i got to tour around the city with someone who’s been living there almost a year. kristen brought me to all the best places. the parks she hangs out in, where she rides her bike, where she gets a drink and the best slice of pizza, etc. i’m so grateful i got to see the city this way. being a tourist and doing tourist-y things is always so much fun, but this was such a refreshing way to explore a new place.


my favorite day was riding bikes around the city. from kristen’s house we rode through the trendy neighborhood of kreuzberg, past the berlin wall, through a beautiful park and first stopped at tempelhof airport. this was where i realized nothing goes to waste in berlin. tempelhof airport is now closed but it’s runways have been converted into a giant public park. there were people flying kites, running, taking naps, and working in community gardens. it’s massive! and so awesome to see. after riding around the airport we grabbed some beers and hiked to the top of viktoria park for lovely 360 views of the city. and finally we made our way to markt halle neun, which is the most bad a$$ food market that happens on thursday nights. we bought glasses of riesling (which by the way is so effing delicious in germany) and took a lap to explore all of our options. we ended up with pot stickers, empanadas, kimchi tacos, kaese spaetzle (german mac & cheese), and these yemen wrap things that were BOMB. if you go to berlin, you have to make time for this. kristen said there’s one near her house on the weekends that does only breakfast food…. the city truly holds the key to my heart.


the first day i got to berlin, kris did show me all the main attractions. we saw the the brandenburg gate, the german parliament building, this beautiful church that was bombed multiple times in world war two and is somehow still standing, and ended the day at the most picturesque biergarten while getting caught in a summer storm. thanks to kristen, i can now successfully order beers, bratwurst, and pretzels in german. most of the week was spent like this. walking around, seeing beautiful things, and stopping for food and drinks along the way. total relaxation.


my last night, however, kristen brought me to one of berlin’s notorious clubs. the nightlife in berlin is unlike any i’ve ever experienced. aside from going out around 2 or 3 am, which is normal for europe, a night out at a berlin club could turn into you leaving the next afternoon! and they’re really hard to get into. in movies, girls in short dresses and stilettos walk up to the front to flirt with the bouncer and to try to cut the line and get in. in berlin, if you’re wearing a dress and heels, makeup even, or your hair is too clean and pretty, you’re likely going to be turned away. you have to wear all black, your hair up, minimum makeup, and no smiling, laughing or being obnoxious while you wait in line. you have to “be cool.” so crazy! it was pretty awesome once we got inside, too. this one was in what felt like an abandoned apartment complex with millions of little rooms and nooks to hang out in. you could easily get lost trying to find the dance floor or the bar.

so i guess it’s pretty obvious judging by the novel i just wrote how much i really loved berlin! and thanks to kristen for being the best hostess with the mostest :). stay tuned for posts on the rest of my stops!