I heart nanette lepor

 I guess I’m still not over Fashion Week, because I needed to share some more of my favorites. Nanette Lepor’s Spring 15 Ready to Wear collection is perfection. When I saw that striped dress in the middle I fell in love.  It’s beachy, flowy, and casual.


One of the most interesting parts about Fashion Week to me, is being able to sort out what styles I could actually see myself wearing. With the makeup and music and the hair and the runway set up it’s easy to get distracted.  If you could strip all of that away, would you take a second glance at it in the store or consider buying it? That’s how I feel about these. I need to find a knock off version of that striped dress asap.

[Photos from style.com]


Fashion Week Roundup

Well the time has come. NYFW is over.  I have been following the past 8 days a little too close.


Some of my fave articles from this week:

1. If you haven’t heard of Vogue’s 73 Questions… you need to start watching.  It’s my new favorite thing, and just in time for Fashion Week, they featured the one and only Anna Wintour today. The downside? She said to never wear all black.  The upside? We both like coffee ice cream. Ya win some ya lose some.

2. Obviously being on any sort of social media channel this past week has been torturous when it comes to Fashion Week. Even SnapChat had an NYFW snap story.  This article helped to ease the fomo.

3. Aging women inspired the beauty look at Rosie Assoulin…. So cool.

 4. Loved the Rodarte makeup

5. This picture says it all – bo$$es

Life as of late….

  Time is flying by and I cannot believe September is here. I’ve been spending much more time exploring my neighborhood. Running and walking everywhere has shown me how charming the Inner Richmond can be and sometimes I take random snapshots and never do anything with them.  Here’s some photos that have been sitting in my phone…


[A house with a matching scooter : )]


[Golden Gate Park just planted a new Dahlia garden and it’s so pretty!]


[Photos taken on my walk to yoga after work and my favorite store in the hood.]


[The few pics I took over Labor Day this past weekend, but sum up my time at home pretty well. Wine tasting and watching that amazing sunset with some of my closest friends.]

Hope everyone has a great short week!


It’s finally here!

The time has come! Outside Lands 14 has finally arrived!!! It’s all I’ve thought about this entire week.  Music festivals are no joke.  It takes lots of preparation to ensure a successful day.  Especially in San Francisco in August when the weather is frigid to say the least. This is not Coachella folks, you have to layer up and wear some comfy shoes.

So with that being said, here are some of the things I’ll be taking along with me to make the weekend as comfortable as possible:


See you there!!!!!!!!!!!


one / two / three / four / five /

six / seven / eight / nine


i heart hackwith


Sorry for the lack of posting, life has been crazy between starting a new job, taking graphic design classes, and scheduling time for obligatory fun. Anywho, I stumbled upon Hackwith Design House by accident and was immediately in love. The designer makes extremely limited pieces of her clothing and once they’re sold out they’re gone for good, which is awesome because every piece is handmade.  So you’re like one of 15 people in the world wearing it! And who doesn’t love to feel unique? I love the clean lines and the versatility of each piece.  I’ll take one of each please!



Weekend Recap


This weekend I went on a field trip with my graphic design class to some pretty cool places in the City I didn’t even know about!  My favorite one was The Aesthetic Union – a cute little letterpress workshop and boutique. We got to meet Risa who is the woman behind Papa Llama and she makes some adorable and quirky cards on her letterpress from the 1800s (I believe).


It was an inspiration to see how a simple idea, like card making and letterpress printing, could function as a profitable business while still allowing room for 100% creativity.


Loved the way everything was styled in the front boutique area.


How cool is that letterpress? We even got to see her in action, which was awesome (it’s like a full body work out).

All in all it was a great day.  If you’re ever in the Potrero Hill/Mission area you should stop by and check this place out.

  Have a wonderful Wednesday!